Turov Dairy Industrial Complex

Turov Dairy Industrial Complex

Fresh<br> Italian cheese
Italian cheese

The fresh soft and semi-hard cheeses for daily consumption produced by Italian technologies. The company used only “extra” and “higher” grades of fresh milk.

High technology<br> production
High technology

The Company has introduced advanced technologies for high-level raw milk processing at modern facilities that are not available anywhere else throughout the CIS region. The plant uses equipment supplied by the largest world suppliers to the dairy industry and leaders in this field.

The choice of professionals
The choice of professionals

The cheeses meets the requirements of the chefs of restaurants and cafes.

Fresh ideas for your meal!
Bonfesto means fresh cheeses of daily consumption prepared according to 
the Italian technologies. Bonfesto brings fresh emotions of the real Italian life holiday to your house!
Created to give pleasure
Villmonte – european collection of cheeses for exacting customers.
Created to give pleasure.
For professional chefs
CooKing is natural cheeses for HoReCa segment. Produced in accordance with the requirements of professional chefs.
High quality raw materials
The company used only “extra” and “higher” grades of fresh milk with a high protein content.
High quality raw materials
New products
Soft cheese

Cream Cheese is a soft and slightly salty cream cheese, having moderately expressed taste and made of milk and thick cream. It has a creamy consistency and it is ideal for preparation of the popular “Cheesecake” dessert.

Semi-hard grated cheese

Semi-hard cheese Mozzarella Pizza is a cheese of the Pasta Filata group. It is famous as a filler for pizza, lasagna, pasta dishes and many other dishes that require baking and heart treatment.

Soft cheese

Mozzarella in a brine small mozarella balls having the size of a big cherry is called “Chiledzhini” in Italy. They are good in salad, for cooking of canapés, and they are often used as light and useful snacks.