Ricotta with filler “Cherry – chocolate”


Ricotta with filler “Cherry – chocolate” is a conventional Italian dairy product produced of whey and milk. By its consistency it reminds a very tender cottage cheese. Ricotta is rich with vitamine A and vitamins of group B, calcium, contains albumin and globulin, promotes the immune system strengthening. Ricotta may be used at breakfast, or as an ingredient for desserts. It is perfect for outside eating, being a fast and useful snack.

Packing and Packaging
125 g
125 g
Fat content in dry matter
30 %
Shelf life
60 days

Conditions: at temperature from +2 °С till +6 °С, relative humidity 75–85 %.
The number of pieces in a transit pack: 12.
Packing: polymeric cup.

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Cheese Ricotta with fruit filler “Cherry” bright taste and flavor of cherries emphasize neutral taste of Ricoltta and turn it to delicious dessert.

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Cheese Ricotta with fruit filler “Pear – honey” is a favourite product in a convenient double-chamber glass, and it can be used for nutrition outdoors. Pieces of amber honey pear give unique taste and flavor to one of most wholesome Italian cheeses, and they turn Ricotta to preferred addition to a breakfast, lunch or snack.

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