Cream Cheese Air

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Soft cheese

Cream Cheese Air Bonfesto – soft curd cheese with a delicate light texture. It is suitable for preparing bruschettas, appetizers, and canapes. The line includes three exquisite tastes.

Cream Cheese Air belongs to the category of soft cheeses that do not require ripening and are not pressed. The process of processing raw materials is designed in such a way that all the useful qualities and taste properties of the product are preserved as much as possible.

Using exclusively natural ingredients and gentle whipping allows you to get a gentle creamy curd cheese, light and airy. Cream Cheese Air can be used as an independent dish for a tasty and healthy snack, as well as for the preparation of various snacks, sandwiches, hot dishes (soups, pasta, ravioli), sauces. This curd cheese goes well with herbs, juicy vegetables and fruits, aromatic meat and fish.