The Open Joint Stock Company “Turov Dairy Industrial Complex”

is an up-to-date highly technological enterprise for production of semi-hard and soft cheeses according to Italian technologies.

The company was established in 2010. Construction of the “Turov Dairy Industrial Complex” has become a part of the State Program on development of the Pripyat Polesye, and now the plant is one of the town-forming companies of Turov and Zhitkovichi region.

Production startup and first shipments of the finished products took place in May 2013. In January, 2018, the second production stage of the Industrial Complex was commissioned.

More than 430 new workplaces were created at “Turov Dairy Industrial Complex”. The personnel policy of the company is based on organization of employment of local residents, as well as attraction of experienced specialists and young people in all provinces of the republic. All the required conditions were provided for high-quality, fruitful and comfortable work, as well as for professional growth.

The company is export oriented, and currently, over 80% of output products are delivered to external markets.

Currently, capacities of “Turov Dairy Industrial Complex” are intended for procession of 750 tons of milk per day.

The enterprise actively works for the development of its own raw material zone, and it is now a founder of businesses in Zhitkovichi region, Gomel province: Priozerskoye-Agro OJSC, Dyakovichi OJSC; also, management contracts are in force with the businesses in Loyev region, Gomel province: Urozhainy Communal Agricultural Unitary Enterprise and Kolpen-Agro Communal Agricultural Unitary Enterprise, and in Dokshitsy region, Vitebsk province: Torguny OJSC.

For the purposes of optimisation of structure and improvement of approaches for the management of agricultural enterprises, in May, 2017, Molochnaya Pravda Unitary Enterprise was founded by Turov Dairy Industrial Complex; it manages five agricultural enterprises and 18 commercial dairy farms. The organisation’s tasks include the development of a raw material zone, implementation of the set of activities for improvement of quality of milk as well as management of agricultural enterprises on the professional basis including invitation of highly-skilled specialists. The goal is to raise the level of provision of own raw materials for the Industrial Complex up to 51% in 2022.

The plans of the enterprise include reconstruction of existing commercial dairy farms and construction of two up-to-date commercial dairy farms, each for 2400 heads of milking herd cattle in Zhitkovichi region, Gomel province, and in Dokshitsy region, Vitebsk province.

Apart from the unique production facilities “Turov Dairy Industrial Complex” JSC has its own developed infrastructure. Administrative premises, a company shop and an own café are located on the company’s territory.