Fables about cheese

"Fables of Cheese" is a brand of semi-hard cheeses of the most famous and popular European varieties. Today the product line includes such types of cheese as edam, gouda and suluguni.

TM "Fables of cheese" is focused on CIS markets and acts as a bridge between different traditions and cultures - national traditions of cheese-making and cooking, food culture of different countries.

Despite the wide geography of origin of the manufactured types of cheese, they are united by the main thing - the perfection of technology and long-term expertise of masters cheese-makers from different countries, embodied in a perfect recipe for original cheese.

TM "Fables of Cheese" aims to noticeably expand the gastronomic range and discover delicious, healthy and nutritious types of cheese for the widest masses of consumers in the CIS countries.

Among the main values of TM "Fables of cheese" - the naturalness of products, the use of high quality raw materials, careful attention to the traditions of cheese-making of different countries, the development of their own recipes and technologies based on a thorough study of the original. We see our mission in expanding gastronomic preferences of consumers by introducing them to new types and tastes of world-known cheeses made from natural milk.

Just as a chef of haute cuisine creates his masterpieces, drawing inspiration from the culinary traditions of many countries, the brand "Fables of Cheese" is a devotee and a deep admirer of the cultures of cheese-making in different countries and fills the range of products with the most popular European types of cheese, claiming to be a guide to the wonderful world of new flavors.

The products of TM "Fables of Cheese" are oriented on two main consumer segments: HoReCa/Foodservice and retail. In retail outlets, the cheeses are presented in prepackaged form.