During making of cheeses on the whole and Italian brands, in particular, the quality of raw materials plays an important role. Milk of at least the highest quality with the high protein content is required for making the high quality products.

That is why, the raw materials suitable for output of the high quality cheese is the top priority task of “Turov Dairy Industrial Complex” by all parameters suitable for output of the high quality cheese.

Currently, “Turov Dairy Industrial Complex” has worked out the whole complex of measures of the joint work with suppliers aimed at improvement of milk grade and quality.

Companies of Zhitkovichi and adjacent regions of Gomel province are the main milk suppliers.

The company carries out a sustained work for development of its own material base. «Turov Dairy Industrial Complex» possesses shares of two agricultural enterprises in Zhitkovichi region: “Prioziorskoye-Agro”, “Dyakovichi”, where 4 dairy farms are located.

The actual capacity of the main herd equals to 1560 heads as on 01.08.2016. The share of milk supplied from “Prioziorskoye-Agro”, “Dyakovichi” is equal to 8 % or 20 tons per day.

The volume of the output milk per annum by “Prioziorskoye-Agro”, “Dyakovichi” can ensure continuous work of the company during a month.

Taking into account commissioning of a new complex in Morohorovo the maximum production volume of milk as on the end of 2018 in farms is assessed on the level of 14 100 tons per annum or 39 tons per day.